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Cost effective whitening

1 hour laser teeth whitening

Fast results instantly

1 treatment Is All that's needed


We offer a professional & affordable clinic service, using the the most Advanced Teeth Whitening systems available, and most importantly we achieve results unlike home whitening kits our results last for up to a year if not longer.

Our professional teeth whitening is safe even on the most sensitive teeth.

Our home whitening process leaves you with a dazzling white smile, a confident smile that is for many patients several shades lighter in just one treatment.

The first step in our professional teeth whitening treatment is to complete the initial consultation and decide treatment plan.

When you get your teeth whitened you main aim will be for whiter and brighter teeth.

You can transform your smile, even deep set stains, crooked teeth, stubborn stains and red wine blotches can be eradicated. Teeth whitening treatments start to take effect immediately.

Your dental hygienist can refer you to our regulated dental professional for the best teeth whitening results and we offer tailored teeth whitening work.

The whitening agent is applied which has similar, yet far safer than hydrogen peroxide for a dramatic transformation. 

Happy Clients

We value delighted customers, guiding you on the shade chart to set your desired teeth whitening level, ensuring no surprises.

Achieve a brighter smile you'll be proud to share with loved ones, tailored to your preference.

Find out more TODAY!

Lasting Results

Sparkly Whites' laser teeth whitening system delivers enduring results from the outset!

Following a single treatment, your whiter smile can last for up to two years. We provide guidance on aftercare to help maintain your results over the long term.

Pain free

Whitening is painless for two key reasons. Firstly, we forgo peroxide in our treatment, ensuring its safety. Secondly, a desensitiser is applied before the treatment. We all desire whiter teeth without the inconvenience and discomfort of sensitivity, and this is precisely what we deliver every time.

Safe & Effective

Achieving a brighter smile is effortless with Sparkly Whites Blackburn.

Our mobile service provides a swift, guaranteed whitening solution that is both exceptionally safe and effective.

Our non-invasive laser whitening ensures safety regardless of age.

  1. Open 6 days a week including some Saturdays and evenings!
  2. One visit, pre-consultation & treatment done on the same day
  3. You see visible results in only 60 minutes- Laser Whitening
  4. Guaranteed 5-11 Shades Lighter in just 60 mins – that’s a fact!
  5. Performed by Qualified, Trained & Professional Whitening Consultants
  6. Safe, Effective & Pain-Free – no bleach teeth whitening system
  7. Modern & Convenient clinic locations or have it done in the comfort of your home!
  8. All Treatments come with a Free Consultation
  9. Professional Service & Affordable Pricing – no hidden costs!
  10. All Future TOP-UP Laser Teeth Whitening treatments cost only £139.00
Mobile Whitening Service

Everyone desires a radiant smile. Imagine a convenient option where the whitening service comes to you instead?

Instant Confidence Boost

Feel more confident in just 60 minutes of treatment! Don’t hide your smile – be more you NOW!

What To Expect At Sparkly Whites Blackburn

From the moment treatment starts, you will be in safe hands with one of our whitening specialists who are trained to the highest standard and solely specialise in Cosmetic Whitening, using the most advanced laser teeth whitening system from the USA.

Our teeth whitening procedure uses whitening gel to whitening teeth.

These professional teeth whitening procedures commonly known as zoom teeth whitening are safe even on dental implants and you will have brighter teeth in just 90 minutes.

Because no two people’s teeth are the same, our specialists undertake an in-depth consultation with every treatment.

This allows us to understand the type of staining you have, & then tailor the treatment accordingly, to achieve the best results for you.

So much importance is placed on teeth – let’s ‘face it’ they are the first thing you see when you smile, or talk to someone.

At Sparkly Whites Blackburn our aim is to make you smile again, because we understand how much a lovely smile can do for your self confidence!

Our customers love us

For over 16 years, we have provided effective and affordable long lasting teeth whitening – even from the comfort of your own home!

"I couldn't be happier with my experience for teeth whitening. I've always been self-conscious about the color of my teeth, but after just one session, I saw a noticeable difference. The home service really helped my anxiety and I felt really at ease! I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a professional and effective teeth whitening treatment."
T Phillips
"I have always been self-conscious about the color of my teeth, and have tried countless at-home remedies and over-the-counter products to achieve a brighter smile. However, nothing seemed to work until I discovered Sparkly Whites teeth whitening services and even better I had it done at home!. The results were simply amazing!"
L Smith
We are at your service for best teeth whitening

Put a Smile on My Face!

It’s not hard to see why more people are opting for laser teeth whitening process given the numerous advantages it provides.

But, if you are unsure as to whether or not this treatment is right for you, it is recommended to consult a professional for guidance.

Get in touch today to start living more confidently TODAY book  in a tooth whitening appointment!